Aegon’s Conquest – Silver Spring

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DEFY DANGER teamed up with local theater group Flying V to run Aegon’s Conquest MegaGame this weekend in Silver Spring, MD. The show was a great success with a tight win awarded to the iron islanders of House Hoare. Check out a few of the photos below!

If you’re anywhere near Toronto on February 2nd, come out and experience this amazing game yourself here!



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Out in the wild right now! A holy account of 100 hellish traps for any dark fantasy tabletop game.

Download the free 82-page ebook at

Keep an eye here this month and look for detailed breakdowns and discussions!


5TDM Online Tournament – PREPARE FOR BATTLE

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And we are back from the end of year break and gearing up for the 5th Edition Team Deathmatch Online Tournament of Champions!

With nine teams, we will have a standard 3-tier single elimination format, with a bonus match (called Round 0) to eliminate one of the two outlier teams. This first match, Round 0, will be a 90-minute competition held sometime in mid-February. Additional details on that will be announced as they are developed. After the first match is over, we will regroup with the winners and plan future matches.

18 - strike the earth
09 - court of the storm lord
OPENING MATCHCourt of the Storm Lord
17 - astral ambush
21 - victory
FINALS – Our Lady of Triumph


Aegon’s Conquest – photos from China

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We received an exciting set of photos from Nathan Paul in Beijing, China who has recently ran a very successful session of Aegon’s Conquest MegaGame! Congratulations to the two winning teams, Houses Stark and Gardener! One could say the winners were a song of ice & fire!

Aegon’s Conquest – Toronto

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Greetings from the Iron Throne!

Grab three friends and join us in Toronto, Canada on Saturday February 2nd for an epic game of backstabbing, warfare, & adventure – AEGON’S CONQUEST!

Tickets can be picked up here!

The setting is the Age of Conquest, three centuries before the events in Game of Thrones. Westeros stands as a fractured continent, with seven warring kingdoms jostling each other for power and dominance. The time is now ripe to conquer the barbarians of Westeros and unite them under your banner. Claim victory in this continent-spanning war and forge the Iron Throne!

Free rules download can be found here!

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5TDM – more online matches!

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Greetings, dungeoneers!

Our big Kickstarter is out there kicking, drawing together competitive tabletop RPG enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. We have several online matches streamed and recorded for your viewing pleasure on our Twitch Channel, with even more coming. Please take a look at our upcoming Events, as well as our SubReddit to keep track of the latest exhibition matches!

Don’t forget to back the 5th Edition Team Deathmatch Kickstarter and get your friends to join in, too! We’re hurtling towards meeting our Stretch Goal and adding a bonus arena, designed by Sersa Victory, as an extra added reward for each and every Backer.

5th Edition Team Deathmatch – Kickstarter Launch!

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are you ready to die?


We welcome this dark day of Halloween with the premier of the 5TH EDITION TEAM DEATHMATCH KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN!


This game is an action RPG about strengthening the bonds you already have with the friends in your gaming group, or forming new bonds of friendship, in the face of shared adversity and the greatest challenge. Nothing beats the thrill of coming together to defeat a seemingly insurmountable foe. 5TDM doesn’t throw any punches. It puts you through the wringer and lets your group emerge closer to each other than ever. It is competitive, but not toxic.

Small groups of player characters are pitted against each other in a no-holds-barred frenzy of carnage in a team-based, player-vs-player competition. 5th Edition Team Deathmatch is a contest of skill, wits, and luck. 5TDM is about winning the world’s most popular roleplaying game.

THIS GAME IS FINISHED! We are running this Kickstarter campaign in order to raise funds for editing, layout, final art, and printing. Backers will receive the fully playable rough draft documents at the very start of the campiagn.

THE GAME IS AMAZING! We’ve been doing this kind of team deathmatch since 2011, hosting many live tournaments from small shops to the grandeur of GenCon. We are the original auteurs – this Kickstarter will help give us a spotlight on a more grand stage to show you what wonders we’ve accomplished.