5TDM Online Tournament – Trophies

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After a long campaign full of both the thrill of triumph and the crushing weight of despair, one team of Dungeons & Dragons players has emerged victorious over all others!

A huge congratulations to Team Warbirds for beating out their competitors and securing their place of victory in the 5th Edition Team Deathmatch online tournament!

Customized trophies have been commissioned to honor these stalwart warriors. Remember their names.

Katherine Offutt
Nate Adams
Liz Armour
Daniel Sprechman


5TDM – Online Tournament Finale

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are you ready to die?

and die … and die … and die … and die!

The 5th  Edition Team Deathmatch Online Tournament of Champions is nigh upon us! With our major Kickstarter campaign nearly ended, this conclusion comes at a most auspicious time!

This ultimate showdown takes two teams of veteran dungeoneers, grizzled survivors from the previous bouts, in the closing match to determine who is the 2019 Champion of Dungeons & Dragons Combat.

All eight of the competitors are exalted warriors deserving of our veneration. Listed below are summary sheets of our competitors. Tell us in the comments whose team will reign supreme!

Team CareBears

red team.PNG

Team WarBirds

blue team.PNG

Catch us live on twitch.tv/defydanger on Saturday July 20th, 9:00pm EST or look for the replay on our YouTube Channel!

AVARICE is available in print!

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Hello, my fellow Dwarves!

AVARICE is now available for print on demand. It is a silly roleplaying game where you play as a population of Dwarves venting out their rage and frustration while trapped under the earth.

Get the book here!

Get the cards here!


AVARICE now available!

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Hello, you bearded bastards!

AVARICE is now out in the wild and available. It is a story-based roleplaying game where players tell the tale of an underground fortress of Dwarves doomed to disaster. It is a game which chronicles the lives and accomplishments of stumpy alcoholics as they struggle to avoid sobriety. It is a silly game.

You can get the game here – https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/273922/Avarice

This game is blessed by Toady and made in conjunction with Kruggsmash, sharing profits with both of these guys. We love and respect the Dwarf Fortress community and have taken a strict stance of making this game free to all and humbly requesting any donations you see fit.


AVARICE – Character Sheet

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AVARICE is a story-telling game of Dwarven hubris. It launches for digital distribution via DriveThruRPG on Tuesday May 7 – next week!

This week, we preview the character sheet used in Avarice and break it down for you. This is an oftentimes silly game which many players choose to also make a drinking game. As such, we knew that the design of the character sheet needed to be clear and to the point. There couldn’t be a lot of fiddly rules and there couldn’t be a lot of rules references. Thus, we limited the design to half the size of a Letter sized sheet of paper. The character sheet represents an entire Clan of Dwarves and is more a statement on culture than any individual preferences or abilities.


We start out with the Fortress section. Here, the Game Master leaves their mark and plants the seeds of their game intent by selecting the Fortress Type and naming the Fortress. The Fortress Type will determine a few of the starting embark resources and Events, setting the theme of the game early. As with just about everything, players and GMs are free to just roll randomly here and see where the dice take them. The Fortress name is chosen by the Game Master here as well. This is a tough one to come up with on the fly, so it’s suggested that the Game Master think a bit on the Fortress name before coming to the game. A few suggestive words put into the name can have a subconscious echo effect on how the players get inspired and build their own creative outputs. For example, a Fortress name like BronzeTitan the Keep of Ancients might plant the creative seed in the players’ mind to think of cyclopean stone, gigantic enemies, and decrepit ruins of lost civilizations.


The next section is Skills. Each Clan rolls 7d12, assigning ranks in skills that match the number rolled. A skill can only start at Rank 2, so any extras are placed in other skills of the player’s choice. After that, the player selects three additional skill ranks, to be placed anywhere they wish, so long as no skill starts above Rank 2.

The skills are described in detail in the Avarice document. They are purposefully vague so that there is lots of overlap and room for interpretation and creativity. They are also purposefully lopsided, some skills are just demonstrably worse than others, depending on the initial embark setup. The game can’t ever be won, so you probably shouldn’t get too hung up on optimizing your character.


Each Clan has Favorites. They arer fascinated by and regard in the highest form a particular stone / ore / refined metal, a type of gem, a type of animal, and worships a god covering a sphere of influence like war or agriculture. Where possible, the Clan should use these inclinations to inform how they decorate and design their living and work spaces. This has no in-game effect but is used to help players bring their Clans to life in their descriptions. Each category is determined randomly by consulting d100 lists of randomized descriptors.


Each player must choose a Specialty for their Clan, or roll randomly. This represents the Clan leader’s exalted position within the greater community of the Fortress and comes with a unique special ability. No two Clans may have the same Specialty.
Each Specialty grants the acting Clan Benefit when making a skill check within the described areas of expertise. A Clan that Helps another Clan in a skill check within the described areas of expertise grants that Clan Benefit as well, in addition to the bonus die from Help. The areas of expertise are purposefully broad and can cover a lot of topics.

La Conquete d’Aegon

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Friend of the blog and Parisian gentleman Emmanuel Bizieau has reproduced Aegon’s Conquest MegaGame in his native tongue. Go get it free!



AVARICE – Artifacts

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AVARICE is a story-telling game of Dwarven hubris. It launches for digital distribution via DriveThruRPG on Tuesday May 7, just two more weeks.

Today, we look at how Avarice is designed to give a positive feedback loop, creating a fun minigame and character advancement in response to failed skill rolls. We fail forward, always, and use this mechanical character development to reinforce the escalating tension that accompanies the late stages of the game.

The Dwarven Clans in a Fortress learn from their mistakes and grow. After three failed skill checks by any of the Clans, the currently acting Clan enters a Strange Mood. They are stricken with an insatiable, burning desire to craft a magnificent artifact. An artifact is the ultimate expression of a Dwarf’s desires, fears, memories, and hopes in art form.

The player must draw out the artifact on a separate, small piece of paper, such as on an index card. Consult Appendix G and roll randomly for the base type of item. Draw it. Other players then call for three types of material found within the Fortress, such as lumber, gems, metal, scraps of leather, etc. The weirder and more mysterious the material, the better. These are needed to complete the artifact. The active player then draws out the artifact, using each of these materials. These creations are often adorned with jagged, menacing spikes and exquisitely cut cabochons. The artifact created increases one of the acting Clan’s skills by one.

Describe it—it is of the highest craftsdwarfship.
Draw it—including where all of the exotic materials come into play.
Name it—this artifact is an invaluable object of grandeur that shall be passed down as a family heirloom for all eternity.

Example: A Dwarf living in a Fortress in a sand-scrubbed badlands area enters a Strange Mood. The other players decree that to craft this artifact the Clan needs high-value metal (rose gold), rare stone (blue kimberlite), and the hide of an exotic animal (alligator). I took literally five minutes to scribble this together and it comes out pretty cool.


This artifact is a regal throne carved of flawless blue kimberlite.


It is encircled with bands of rose gold and studded with carbochons of rose gold.  An oversized rose gold crown rises from the back of the throne.


The seat and back are upholstered in soft alligator leather.


The Dwarves know this great work as The Blood-Gilded Serpent.
All craftsdwarfship is of the highest quality.