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Artwork is starting to come in for our first adventure, The Lost Crown of Tesh-Naga, and we’re super thrilled! Release date is set at May 12th. To whet your appetites a bit, here is the cover art and an introduction to the adventure.

LCTN Cover 1

Adventure Description

Dragon Keep is an imposing structure built into the defensible hillside. It was constructed during the Age of Dhakaan by the long-gone empire of Tiamat-worshiping Hobgoblins. Before its fall, it served as a sanctuary and meeting place for the once-wealthy priesthood. Dragon Keep was said to be a focal point of divine power and a direct connection to the torturous realms of the Five-Headed Goddess. It was here that unholy texts of dark power were stored. Legends tell that the final fall of the Keep was from an incursion of Dark Elves boiling up from the lightless depths below to attack the Hobgoblin defenders. The warrior-priests had grown soft and disorganized in their hubris, corrupted by the vile forces they pledged their lives to safeguard against. The Lost Crown of Tesh-Naga is said to still be hidden in these ruins; a fabled silver crown bearing nine shining jewels of conquered kings, with magical powers to bend the will of the weak-minded.

Goal Suggestions:

  • I will loot this place for all its worth.
  • I will drive off the Hobgoblin clan.
  • I will recover a lost Dhakaan relic.
  • I will uncover ancient, lost lore.
  • I will banish any lingering demonic spirits.
  • I will sanctify this unholy place.
  • I will find the path into the secret realm of the Dark Elves.
  • I will steal a fiery dragon egg.

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