The Lost Crown of Tesh-Naga

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LCTNcover_borderThe Lost Crown of Tesh-Naga is a mid-level adventure for the Torchbearer roleplaying game. Travel to an ancient dungeon, once used by Hobgoblin paladins as a focal point for their divine communion with TIAMAT. Claim a powerful artifact forged during the height of the empire’s power. Fight with the fueding descendants of the paladins, their rebellious goblin and ogre slaves, raiding Dark Elves, and trapped corruption demons. Evade the insidious traps left behind by the architects of this unforgiving dungeon.





  • A fully integrated 19-room dungeon with twists, turns, and surprises around every corner
  • Two new magic items: The Lost Crown of Tesh-Naga, and a powerful weapon known as Ebontooth
  • A new playable race with full 10-level write up: the Hobgoblin Raider
  • New monsters: Hobgoblin commander, Hobgoblin shaman, feral goblins, and dire eels
  • Devious traps and puzzles designed to test the abilities of the players and reward ingenuity

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