Gallery of the Hate Blossom (5E One-Shot)

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GotHB - DM ChallengeFollowing up on my previous post, here is the one-shot adventure that Sean ran and I helped out with. It’s based off of the original adventure Gallery of the Hate Blossom, written for 4E D&D by Sersa Victory (link). This version is converted to 5th Edition, as per the rules of the competition, and statted out for use with 1st level characters. Starting level was chosen to keep the pregen characters simple to use and learn. We knew going into this event that we had limited time and a complete hand full of  wildcards in terms of player experiences. We needed something smooth, and adding levels to characters wasn’t going to get us there.

The limited time meant the adventure needed to be crunched down into its most basic parts. Some sections were chopped out entirely, while others just got the most time-consuming aspects thrown out (ie. the stone golems in the starting room). The adventure boiled down to just four rooms; a room with puzzles, a room with creepy weird power-ups, a room with a roleplaying challenge, and the finale room with a showdown against the adventures titular Dungeon Lord.



“A half-marilith, half-medusa druidess lich known as the Hate Blossom lairs in this dungeon, having been run out of mortal society and shunned by demonkind. She possesses the petrified-yet-still-living body of Melenkir, the first human arch-mage and the single creature to remember a ritual that may save the realm from an extraplanar threat. Only slaying Hate Blossom or convincing her to lift the curse will revive Melenkir.”


Three of the four columns in this chamber bear reliefs that depict a half-marilith, half-medusa creature being persecuted by humanity and tortured by demons. The fourth shows the creature laying in bed with a skeletal figure. This column hides a secret compartment (Investigation-Int or Perception-Wis DC 5 to spot, Dexterity DC 10 to open) in which a SCROLL OF REVERSE PETRIFICATION is hidden.

A swirling blood red portal in the north wall is flanked by two life-sized stone faces – a medusa (left) and a marilith (right). Their mouths are open. A dungeoneer entering the portal is telefragged.

A petrified marilith in area B1 holds a different gem in each of its six outstretched hands: sapphire, bloodstone, diamond, ammolite, yellow topaz, and sillimanite cat’s eye. Fitting the diamond (only one without double letter) into the marilith mouth by the portal solves one-half of the puzzle. Removing any other gem from the statue triggers a chain blightning trap that attacks all dungeoneers (Dexterity Saving Throw or take 10 lightning damage, then Charisma Saving Throw or die as the blightning drains their soul).

A large-sized petrified medusa in area B2 has two glass gem eyes – one red and one blue. It wears a collar with eight smaller glass gems (same size as gems in B1): red, blue, green, orange, yellow, purple, black, and silver. Fitting the purple gem (red mixed with blue) into the medusa mouth by the portal solves one-half of the puzzle. Removing any other gems, including the eyes, triggers a petrifying gas trap that attacks all dungeoneers in B, B1, and B2 (Constitution Saving Throw or be petrified).

Placing both correct gems into the faces next to the portal changes the color to a bright, verdant green and renders it safe to pass through. It exits through the portal in the Blighted Garden.


This malodorous chamber is decorated with dead flowers and hideous murals. A portal in the north wall leads to the Hall of Spite. Six fountains stand amid the plants:

  1. Medusa venom. Once per day, a single dungeoneer that drinks from this fountain and survives has a premonition and ask the Dungeon Master a single yes/no question.
  2. Saltwater swimming with rot grubs. Make a Dexterity Saving Throw to avoid contact with the grubs. Contact with the grubs or an infected dungeoneer means you lose 1 HP at the end of each turn until you die.
  3. The Infinite Cosmos. The pool appears to be empty from a cursory glance at the lip of the fountain. However, any dingeoneer inspecting, manipulating, or interacting with the fountain is drawn to look at the bottom and must make an Intelligence Saving Throw. On a success, the dungeoneer gains proficiency in a skill of their choice. On a failure, the dungeoneer loses proficiency in a random skill they are proficient in.
  4. Embalming fluid. Once per day, a single dungeoneer drinking this liquid makes a Constitution Saving Throw. On a success, they increase their max hit points by 2d10 and gain +2 to Constitution saving Throws. On a failure, they take 2d10 poison damage.
  5. Boiling demon blood. Once per day, a single dungeoneer drinking from this fountain takes 1d4 damage, but gains +1d6 AC and resist fire 5.
  6. Milk laced with succubus pheromones. A dungeoneer drinking from this fountain must describe their deity. If the deity is valorous and respectable, the dungeoneer takes 1d4 poison damage and becomes sterile/infertile. If the deity is hateful, violent, or similarly unkind, the dungeoneer regains all hit points and hit die and becomes pregnant with 1d6 children, regardless of sex. This effect functions only once.

Four petrified legendary dungeoneers stand against the west wall. One of them is Melenkir. The other three are, from south to north, a female human fighter, a male half-elf cleric, and a female tiefling warlock.

If the scroll of reverse petrification is used here, the dungeoneers free one of the trapped creatures and get the freed creature’s powerful weapon, depending on whom they saved:

Made from the rib cages of conjoined twin imps, these bracers fill your mind with forbidden knowledge of false life. Gain proficiency in Intelligence and Constitution Saving Throws.
Once per day, you may raise a skeletal minion from the bones or corpse of a slain creature. (HP 5, AC 13; Shortsword +6 vs AC, 1d6+4 damage)

Human fighter – CHAINSAW
A rough-hewn black iron haft holds the ever-spinning axe blade. It is a monstrous device fueled by rage and bloodlust.
+2 magic greataxe. Crit: 18-20. On a crit, you can make an immediate bonus attack on an adjacent creature.

Half-elf cleric – WRAITHVERGE
A shield made of an imprisoned wraith forced to subservience by the will of a lesser god. The secrets of its lifetime are yours to see.
+4 AC. Once per dungeon, the dungeoneer may ask the Dungeon Master a yes/no question which they must truthfully answer.

Tiefling Warlock – BLOODSCOURGE
This barbed staff is carved from a tree used to hang violent criminals for 500 years. Spite and hatred cackle below the surface like racing arcs of lightning.
+2 spellcasting focus. A magic user may elect to take Xd4 damage casting a spell to cast the spell as if it were X levels higher.


Hate Blossom’s lover – a death knight blackguard – sits atop a chair of bone in this grotesque throne room. He is friendly to the dungeoneers unless threatened, in which case he disappears in a cloud of fiery black ash (2d6 fire damage, Dexterity Saving Throw for half).

When the dungeoneers arrive, the death knight will be agonizing over a military campaign he is leading against a rival faction of demons. He will ask the dungeoneers for input, starting with the fighters (or similar classes) and proceeding in the order listed below. While consulting with one class, the death knight will not permit other classes to speak, believing they have no expertise to offer.

Fighters: “A civil war has left me with less than half of my forces. Tell me how to compensate for this tactically.”

Thieves: “My spies tell me our enemy keeps a powerful artifact, the Heart of Despair, in a tower not far from our front line. Tell me how to steal it.”

Clerics: “Hate Blossom has imprisoned for me a god. Tell me how I might exploit its powers and enslave its followers.”

Wizards: “My legionnaires have captured for me nearly ten thousand souls. Tell me what ritual I might devise with such great essence at my disposal.”

If the advice given is well thought out and creative, the death knight will cast a necromantic spell of death upon one character’s weapon (preferably a two-handed weapon). The weapon now deals +2d6 damage on a crit (doubled to +4d6) and crits on 15-20. If the advice is poor or the exercise is not taken seriously, the death knight will banish the dungeoneers from the throne room.


There are five clay urns on a pedestal at the entrance to the room. The first time one of the dungeoneers moves adjacent to the pedestal, hand them the five glyph sequences included with this adventure (see original adventure for handouts). The glyphs shown are etched onto the jars. Opening a jar with glyph sequence 1-4 triggers a spell of entangling animated thorns (Dexterity Saving Throw or take 1d6 damage and grabbed until escape). The jar with sequence 5 (order different from others) contains a MAGIC ENGAGEMENT RING, a thin platinum band adorned with a single bright diamond.

Cast Misty Step spell at will
Cast Lightning Bolt spell 3/day as a 10th Level spell

Hate Blossom waits in this chamber shrouded by dead trees and littered with broken statues. She reclines at the bottom of a pool of bloody maggots. The pool is difficult terrain, and dungeoneers falling prone in the pool take 5 necrotic damage.

Hate Blossom emerges and attacks when any of the dungeoneers moves within 2 squares of the altar. On the second round of combat, a blackroot treant pulls itself from one of the vine-choked walls and fights alongside her.

If Hate Blossom is slain, the treant withers, and the four petrified legendary dungeoneers are restored to life.

Alternatively, a dungeoneer can propose to Hate Blossom with a DC 20 Charisma check. On a success, combat ends, and Hate Blossom demands that the dungeoneers give her a ceremony immediately. If the ceremony is acceptable, she restores the legendary dungeoneers in Room A to life. The dungeoneer who proposed is now property of Hate Blossom; however, one of the revived legendary dungeoneers may act as a suitable replacement. Each dungeoneer may only attempt to propose once. If the magic engagement ring is used as part of the proposal, the bearer gains advantage on the Charisma check.


Level 2 (Legendary) Large undead demon
AC 13
HP 120
Speed 8, teleport 4
Saving Throws: Con +5, Int +7, Wis +8
Resist cold, lightning, necrotic
Immune poison; charmed, exhaustion, frightened, paralyzed
Vulnerable fire, holy

Legendary Resistance: Advantage on all saving throws.


Barbed Scimitar – Melee
Attack +4 (reach); 5 damage
On a hit, Hate Blossom shifts 1 square and repeats this attack (up to 6 times).

Snake Hair – Melee, Poison
Attack +6 (vs. Paralyzed target); 15 poison damage and ongoing 5 poison damage (Con save ends).

Blackvine Swarm – Area Spell, Necrotic
Once per day, enemies in a group make a Dexterity Saving Throw or take 10 necrotic damage and the target slides 2 squares and is knocked prone.


Paralyzing Touch – Melee
One creature makes a Dexterity Saving Throw or is paralyzed (Wisdom Save Ends).

Petrifying Gaze – Ranged
One creature at range makes a Wisdom Saving Throw or is paralyzed (Wisdom Save Ends).
First Failed Save: The target is petrified forever.

Str +2 Dex +3 Con +3
Int +5 Wis +6 Cha +5


AC 13
HP 30
Speed 4
Vulnerable fire
Resist bludgeoning, piercing


Slam ­- Melee
Attack +6 (reach); 14 bludgeoning damage and knocked prone.

Str +4 Dex -2 Con +2
Int +0 Wis +0 Cha -2


PARALYZED: Incapacitated, can’t move, can’t speak. Auto-fail Strength and Dexterity saves. Attackers have Advantage. Melee attacks that hit are auto-crit.

PRONE: Only movement is Crawl or Stand Up. Disadvantage on attacks. Attacker has Advantage on Melee attacks, Disadvantage on Ranged attacks.

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