Crush the Rebellion – betrayal!

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The idea of Betrayal is a core concept in Crush the Rebellion. This idea is baked into the meta mechanics of the game. Agents in Crush the Rebellion are routinely asked to place their faith in their rivals, only to be backstabbed by their foes’ scheming. To illustrate this, let’s take a look at the Game Procedure Flowchart.

The goal of Crush the Rebellion is to be the first to advance your own secret agenda five times. And the only way to advance an agenda is to trigger the Move Betray An Agent. And the only way to trigger Betray An Agent is to either complete a successful Operation or intervene in another agent’s affairs with Shared Fate.

During play, the agents place their faith in one of their number to become Mission Leader, going through a Vote to empower one agent. That Mission Leader then assigns who gets the dangerous assignments, the ones where another agent can jump in and “help” with Shared Fate, and who gets the choice role in completing an Operation.

After that, a new mission is assigned from The Emperor and the agents are again tasked to Vote on a new Mission Leader. Making enemies in the previous mission could be disastrous for future endeavors.

Crush the Rebellion is scheduled to be published in short order  – February 2016. Get in on the discussions early and join the Google Community!

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