CRUSH the REBELLION – strategy

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imagesCRUSH the REBELLION is a competitive world-building roleplaying game. As an RPG, it’s easy to make the mistake that the other players are looking out for you and are on the same team. However, in this game, the other agents are certainly not there to help you. This is a winner-take-all system that thrives on inter-party conflict.

STEP 1). Get Voted In

The beginning of the path to completing your nefarious secret agenda is gaining the trust of the rival agents so as to install yourself as Mission Leader as often as possible. This is the fundamental core to the game – gaining trust, and then betraying those who put you into power.

STEP 2). Wound Deeply

Failing is a major part of CRUSH the REBELLION, and the hallmark of a good strategy is setting up rival agents to fail spectacularly.

When a rival agents fails by succumbing to too many wounds and are knocked out of the mission, you deny that agent the potential Honors Card coming to them at the conclusion of the mission. Honors Cards lead to betrayals, and betrayals lead to advancing secret agendas. Find ways to wound your rival agents as often as possible so as to hoard all of the Honors Cards for yourself. When the time is right; unleash your Honors Cards, betray the other agents, and advance your agenda to victory.

So, when choosing an agent to assign to either Prepare or Travel, try to look out for the person likely to fail. Failures here lead to Ambush, and Ambush hurts the agents with a dose of wounds.

STEP 3). Mismanage

While Mission Leader, it is incumbent upon you to send the wrong man for the job, especially during an Operation. Poor results in an Operation can lead to the agent forced to Face The Emperor, threatening them with a public execution and loss of special abilities. Even better yet, a mixed result during an Operation, such as good rolls coupled to an agent with poor stats, completes the mission and allows you to advance your secret agenda.


What you want to avoid are agents who perform their tasks with no trouble at all. The big successes of your rivals give them Destiny, Honors Cards, and deny you advancement of your worthy cause. Be ruthless, don’t pull any punches, and betray your friends at every turn!

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