Newsletter #5 – Campaign Puzzle

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The proclamation is brief, as the real star of this month’s publication is the campaign-spanning puzzle. It is a deeper mystery that persists throughout the campaign and has a long, slow, drawn out reveal. On a fundamental level, this is an enriching and engrossing backbone to an entire campaign. The unraveling of a campaign-long puzzle provides every session with a sense of wonder and exploration – something we should all strive to bring into our games that go beyond a single session.

Careful design of a campaign’s game mechanics pays off. It is upon our shoulders, we who would claim to be top-tier Dungeon Masters, to not only be great actors and improvisers, but to also put in this level of thoughtful work for a long delayed, yet very satisfying gaming conclusion.



Next month’s newsletter comes on an auspicious date – October 13th! On that date, we will unveiling an exciting new supplement from Defy Danger / DDE Adventures, written for Dungeon World – The Eternal Serpent Tower!


Stories are told of the snake-headed woman and her prison, The Eternal Serpent Tower. At night, her children swarm across the lands feeding on succulent mammal-flesh.Will you brave the unknown horrors and claim her prize, the fabled Amulet of the Serpent?

PUZZLE – The Thousand Worlds

This month’s puzzle is an exercise in deductive reasoning and delayed gratification. It is written to fit a science fiction space exploration campaign, specifically for a long term campaign. Though the setting takes place against a galactic backdrop, this could easily be adjusted to reflect islands in a vast ocean, or any other points of light against a field of darkness. It is a puzzle intended to be solved over many sessions as the players strike out into the black and explore your universe. Presented are examples and inspiration drawn from the literary works of George R. R. Martin’s Thousand Worlds novellas. In this setting, the galaxy is in a dark age where interstellar travel is all but lost to a handful of people.

In this puzzle, the players explore a sector of the galaxy, divided into four quadrants, in an effort to find all 33 inhabited star systems out of the vast expanse of 498 available star system. 

Planets of the Man-Realm Sector (0,0 -500,500)

  • Old Earth
  • Newholme
  • Baldur
  • Thor
  • Provinaa
  • Wellington
  • Avalon
  • Croan-Dhenni
  • New Pittsburgh
  • Arion

Planets of the Fyndii Sector (500,0 – 1000,500)

  • Greywater
  • Worlorn
  • Jamison’s World
  • Vendalia
  • Slagg
  • Rhiannon
  • Thisrock
  • Darkdawn

Planets of the Damoosh Sector (0,500 – 500,1000)

  • Shkeen
  • Lost Colony: House of the Worm
  • Lost Colony: Planetos
  • Bitterblooms
  • Shrakky
  • Norn
  • Suthleim

Planets of the Hrangan Sector (500,500 – 1000,1000)

  • Old Hranga
  • Kimdiss
  • High Kavalaan
  • Prometheus
  • Bastion
  • Corlos
  • Aath
  • Tober In The Veil

The campaign begins with a large starmap, such as shown below. The Game Master is to print out a large size version of this starmap, at least 24” on each side, and color in the stars based on the exhaustive lists provided below.

1kW - Campaign Map

Behind the scenes, the Game Master populates this galactic sector with a scattering of inhabited planets. The players are to strike out into the galaxy, using clues accumulated through play (called ‘Galactic Location Cards’) to help deduce where the safe, inhabited worlds are located. Except for rare exception, each inhabited planet has two Galactic Location Cards that may be found in the campaign which hint at its location. There are also a series of Galactic Location Cards randomly shuffled in which eliminate potential star clusters as completely uninhabited. In this way, industrious players have two parallel avenues of deduction in finding their goal: direct Galactic Location Cards pointing to the correct answers, and indirect Galactic Location Cards excluding the incorrect answers. Puzzles are always harder to solve at the game table than the designer thinks, so it’s a good idea to have multiple avenues of investigation to prevent the game from stalling.

Visiting an uninhabited world always results in a dangerous, random encounter. Players are expected to use pure deductive reasoning in their efforts to suss out the locations of inhabited worlds. Skill checks and other game mechanics can be used to garner more Galactic Location Cards, but they should not be able to add any additional information on their own.

The design of the Galactic Location Cards is the meat of this mystery. Not only must the Galactic Locations Cards provide enough hints to get the players and story where you need them, but they must do so in a fun, creative, and varied way.

All Galactic Location Cards have been provided in the text at the very end of this post. Click on the full blog post to see the extensive listings of Galactic Location Cards, star clusters, stars within them, solar color, and where the inhabited worlds lie in wait.

Be open-handed with handing out these Galactic Locations. The players need a steady stream of new information to make meaningful choices and deduce where their next destination lies. The last thing your campaign needs is a boring, plodding session of trial and error. Exploring the galaxy should feel like a thrilling adventure in and of itself.

Once you’ve mastered this puzzle, sit down and world build a universe of your own design!

EXPERT CHALLENGE: The star colors are not known at the campaign start and must be discovered by traveling to them. Sensors can detect the star colors of each sun within the same Star Cluster grouping.

MASTER CHALLENGE: The classification of inhabited planets and which quadrant they reside (Damoosh, Fyndii, Man-Realm, Hrangan) is not known at the campaign start, but can be discovered through exploration and additional Galactic Location Cards.


  • Blowing the Golden Horn of Greed will destroy all false treasures within earshot, leaving only the Cup of Truth.
  • The Cult of the Sacred Blade wishes to hire an assassin to kill the leader of their rivals, the Followers of the Blind Night, who live in the soaring tall towers of Nesh-Kali.
  • Lighting a prayer candle behind the demon lord’s statue will cast a shadow that grants the power to reach back in time and change history.


A new champion approaches!

Anthony Franchini, contributor to the Rumors of this month’s DEFY DANGER NEWSLETTER, had this to say from last month’s design challenge, crafting a face-melting cyberdemon of terror:

When Demogorgon is reduced to 248 hit points, its skin burns off in an inferno, dealing 100 fire and necrotic damage to all within 60 ft (no save). The Cybergorgon loses its gaze attacks but gains the following:

Its tentacles are replaced with four tentacle mounted soul-driven BFG9000s. Ranged weapon attack, range 50. +20 vs AC, hit: 82 (6d20+16) bludgeoning and fire and force damage. He can figure all four as an Action. The target is disintegrated if its hit points are reduced to 0.

His demonic titanium skeleton raises his AC to 30.

When reduced to 0 hit points, the Abyssal shard encased warpfire engine inside the Cybergorgon erupts, dealing 500 radiation damage to everything within a ten mile radius.


The Puzzle presented in last month’s newsletter hinted at a powerful artifact as reward for success: the God-Slayer Bolt-Action Nailgun.

Using a Powered by the Apocalypse ruleset, describe this absolutely outlandish, offensive weaponry and it’s campaign-shattering, unbalanced, in-game effects.


Proclamation, Puzzle, Design Challange
C. Steven Ross

Anthony “Deuce” Franchini

PUZZLE: Cultural Norms

  • The planet of Worlorn is in a slowly decaying orbit around its sun. As a result, its winters grow colder every year. The planet is a dying world with a doomed population.
  • The Golden Theta did great works upon one of the two lost colony worlds. They created a new Not-Man species capable of living within dark tunnels underground.
  • The Vendalian Masters seek to cheat death by employing clones and stealing the bodies of outworlders in the Trial of the Mind.
  • The Grand Library of Avalon houses the greatest collection of records and information from before the Interregnum.
  • No one goes to Old Earth.
  • The culture of Arion is extremely devout and worships dragons.
  • A psychic entity preys on the people of Shkeen, taking their bodies as nutrient in exchange for granting each citizen 10 years of supreme bliss.
  • The people of Shrakky have a history of suffering cruel experimentation by the hands of the Golden Theta. Their society now believes in the sanctity of genetics and blood-purity, leading to near constant interplanetary war over racism.
  • The surface of Croan-Dhenni is a mechanized nightmare of automation where organic life is treated as a sickness to be cured.
  • One of the lost colony worlds was seeded by the Golden Theta with genetically altered Fire Wyrms to combat the deadly Ice Wraiths of the native inhabitants.
  • Thisrock is a savage, crime-infested hellhole run by thugs.
  • The twisted Genemancers of Prometheus are feared across the galaxy. Raiders from this planet fly out among the stars in search of fresh genetic material to add to their stocks.
  • Provinaa was once a densely populated center of learning and scientific achievement. It was devastated by the Golden Theta during the Double War and is now a giant petri dish of the universe’s worst plagues.
  • Thor is a desert planet whose original purpose in the Earth Empire has long been forgotten. In the wake of the Interregnum, the people here now are concerned only with finding enough water so as not to die of thirst.
  • The people of Rhiannon struggle to maintain thier civil society in the face of plundering space pirates and raids by power-mad Promethean Geneticists.
  • The people of Norn live an agrarian life and are obsessed with gladiatorial games.
  • The Kimdissi are known as liars and thieves. Many families are called Mockmen, possessing the ability to change their facial features at will.
  • Life on New Pittsburgh is driven by the reanimation of corpses. All manner of perversions may be had here.
  • The surface of the world of Slagg is 80% melted, irradiated deserts caused by concentrated nuclear bombardment during the Double War.
  • Baldur was cracked apart in the Double War by a Fyndii superweapon. Now it is a ring of asteroids connected by space bridges thousands of miles long.
  • The surface of Old Hranga is an ever-broiling sea of conflict among the hundreds of freed Slave Races battling for supremacy. It is said that a cabal of Hragan Minds still live in the tunnels deep underground.
  • The people of Darkdawn have a deep respect for the arts and their place in society. They have geo-engineered entire mountain ranges to produce somber harmonies from the sound generated by passing winds.
  • Greywater is a forgotten Double War military outpost in a hellish swamp world battling. The people there live their lives in constant struggle against the hive-minded fungal overlords of the planet.
  • The warrior culture of High Kavalaan greatly reveres expert craftsmanship in stone, the bonds between men who fight together, and the protection of the clan.
  • Aath has a pristine landscape and unrivaled source of natural resources.
  • The hyper-military culture of Bastion revolves around worship of Bakkalon, The Pale Child, and the superiority of the Human Species above all others.
  • Corlos is a lush planet where a higly spiritual and peaceful sentient species lives in harmony with nature. They build their villages centered on obsidian pyramids for some unknown reason.
  • The Suthlemese revere the sanctity of life above all else. Their population now numbers in the hundreds of billions. The people of Suthleim live a life rampant with starvation and cannibalism.
  • Once the greatest military training grounds of the Man-realm, Wellington is now a bombed out shell of its former glory.
  • Jamison’s World is a lush, oceanic planet. The wealthy elite live on scattered islands and ignore the large, main continent where the planet’s native sentient species resides. People from here are called “Jamies”.
  • The planet dubbed Bitterblooms was hit hard by the Interregnum and is now a frozen wasteland where ill-equipped Hrangan Slave Races, now freed, try to eke out a living.

PUZZLE: Galactic Locations

  • Alcor is the only inhabited Prime Star Cluster that begins with ‘A’.
  • All red Prime Star Clusters are uninhabited.
  • All green Prime Star Clusters are uninhabited.
  • There are six inhabited worlds located in Star Clusters with more than 3 suns. Only one of those Star Clusters has more than a single inhabited world.
  • There are only two Star Clusters with more than one inhabited world.
  • There is only a single white Prime Star Cluster that is inhabited.
  • There is only a single yellow Prime Star Cluster that is inhabited.
  • Worlorn is located in a singular star cluster.
  • Old Hraanga orbits a sickly green sun.
  • Wellington is the nearest inhabited world to Old Earth.
  • Wellington orbits a red sun.
  • Corlos orbits a red sun, the most common solar color in its Star Cluster.
  • Greywater is located in a triple Star Cluster located near an edge of the galactic sector map.
  • Only a single yellow sun is in the Star Cluster which contains Aath.
  • Greywater orbits a red sun.
  • Old Hranga is close to the Veil at the edge of the galaxy.
  • Aath orbits a red sun.
  • Bastion is a nearby rival of both Prometheus and Corlos, though located in a different Star Cluster.
  • Corlos is located in the same star cluster as Aath.
  • Suthleim is within 100 lightyears of the center of the galactic sector map.
  • Darkdawn is located in a Star Cluster with six different stars.
  • High Kavalaan is the seventh planet of the seventh sun of its star cluster.
  • Jamison’s World orbits a blue sun.
  • Jamison’s World is located in a Star Cluster named after an ancient Earth astronomer.
  • Suthleim orbits a red sun.
  • Bastion orbits a red sun.
  • New Pittsburgh is located in a singular star cluster.
  • High Kavalaan orbits a white sun.
  • Darkdawn orbits an orange sun.
  • Slagg is the first sun in a triple Star Cluster.
  • Ancient settlers from New Pittsburgh struck out into the galaxy directly away from Old Earth to the next Star Cluster and founded Baldur.
  • One of the lost colony worlds is the first star in a double Star Cluster.
  • Slagg orbits an orange sun.
  • New Pittsburgh orbits an orange sun.
  • Provinaa orbits a sickly green sun.
  • Kimdiss is located in a Star Cluster with six different stars.
  • Norn is the first sun in a double Star Cluster.
  • Kimdiss orbits a blue sun.
  • One of the lost colony worlds orbits a blue sun.
  • Thor orbits a yellow sun.
  • Provinaa is located along an edge of the galactic map.
  • Worlorn orbits a blue star.
  • Baldur orbits a red sun.
  • Prometheus is the second sun in a triple Star Cluster.
  • Prometheus orbits a red sun.
  • Norn orbits a red sun.
  • Thor is about 50 light years away from Old Earth.
  • Shrakky orbits a white sun.
  • Rhiannon orbits the same color sun as Thisrock.
  • Rhiannon is in a nearby Star Cluster to Prometheus.
  • Croan-Dhenni is located in a Star Cluster with six different stars.
  • Thisrock orbits a blue sun.
  • Shrakky is located in a Star Cluster with six suns.
  • Thisrock is located in the same star system as Rhiannon.
  • Croan-Dhenni orbits a blue sun.
  • One of the two lost colony worlds orbits the green star in a cluster containing six suns.
  • Avalon orbits a sun in a Prime Star Cluster.
  • Newholme orbits a blue sun.
  • Vendalia orbits a yellow sun.
  • Bitterblooms is located in a Star Cluster with six different stars.
  • Vendalia is located in a triple Star Cluster.
  • One of the two lost colony worlds is the only inhabited world in a group of three nearby star clusters.
  • Avalon is at least 50 light years away from the next closest star cluster.
  • Newholme is in a Prime Star System less than 50 light years away from Old Earth.
  • Arion orbits a red sun.
  • Arion is the first system in a triple Star Cluster.
  • Bitterblooms orbits an orange sun.
  • Shkeen orbits an orange sun.
  • Shkeen is located close to two different Prime Star Clusters.

PUZZLE: Uninhabited Worlds

  • Andomedaeis
  • Apodis
  • Aquarii
  • Maksutov
  • Carinae
  • Brahe
  • Aquilae
  • Area
  • Arietis
  • Aurigae
  • Bootis
  • Caeli
  • Camelopardalis
  • Capricorni
  • Cassiopaiae
  • Lip
  • Lyncis
  • Lyrae
  • Monocerotis
  • Mira
  • Mensaev
  • Mersenne
  • Chamaeleonis
  • Chandrasekhar
  • Circini
  • Corvi
  • Columbae
  • Ceti
  • Pictoris
  • Pavonis
  • Octanis
  • Ophiuchi
  • Orionis
  • Persei
  • Piscium
  • Cephie
  • Telescopii
  • Scorpii
  • Illuminati
  • Raynet
  • Eridani
  • Sextanis
  • Cerenkov
  • Reticuli
  • Doradus
  • Equulei
  • Draconis
  • Geminorum
  • Ptolemae
  • Crucis
  • Copernicus
  • Crateris
  • Sagittae
  • Vulpeculae
  • Volantis
  • Leporis
  • Lentilis
  • Lalande
  • Sagitarii
  • Sculptoris
  • Serpentis
  • Squidi
  • Tauri
  • Velorum
  • Virginis
  • Vitalis
  • Giclas
  • Indi
  • Klystron
  • Krueger
  • Lacaille
  • Hyades
  • Gruis
  • Gorno
  • Lacartae
  • Hyginus
  • Herculis
Achernar Prime blue
Alcor Prime blue 975, 25 Worlorn
Aldebaran Prime blue
Algol Prime red
Almagest Prime blue
Andromedae Alpha green
Andromedae Beta green
Antares Prime orange
Antliae Delta blue
Antliae Gamma green  875, 275 Lost Colony: House of the Worm
Antliae Beta yellow
Antliae Epsilon white
Antliae Alpha blue
Antliae Zeta red
Apodis Delta green
Apodis Alpha yellow
Apodis Beta red
Apodis Gamma orange
Aquarii Zeta orange
Aquarii Eta white
Aquarii Alpha green
Aquarii Epsilon blue
Aquarii Beta green
Aquarii Gamma orange
Aquarii Delta blue
Aquilae Gamma red
Aquilae Beta red
Aquilae Alpha blue
Aquilae Epsilon orange
Arae Delta yellow
Arae Epsilon blue
Arae Alpha white
Arae Beta yellow
Arae Gamma blue
Arcturus Prime orange
Arianni Gamma yellow
Arianni Alpha blue
Arianni Beta yellow  725, 175 Vendalia
Arietis Alpha green
Arietis Gamma yellow
Arietis Delta red
Arietis Epsilon orange
Aurigae Delta white
Aurigae Gamma white
Aurigae Beta orange
Aurigae Alpha white
Bellatrix Prime yellow
Betelgeuse Prime blue  375, 400 Avalon
Bootis Delta orange
Bootis Alpha green
Bootis Epsilon red
Bootis Beta yellow
Bootis Eta orange
Bootis Zeta red
Bootis Gamma orange
Brahe Beta green
Brahe Alpha orange
Brahe Zeta red
Brahe Epsilon orange
Brahe Gamma white
Brahe Delta green
Caeli Alpha red
Caeli Beta red
Caeli Delta red
Caeli Gamma red
Caeli Epsilon red
Camelopardalis Delta green
Camelopardalis Gamma green
Camelopardalis Iota red
Camelopardalis Epsilon orange
Camelopardalis Theta red
Camelopardalis Alpha yellow
Camelopardalis Beta green
Camelopardalis Zeta orange
Camelopardalis Eta orange
Cancri Delta red
Cancri Gamma orange
Cancri Beta green
Cancri Alpha green
Canopus Prime blue  225, 150 Newholme
Capella Prime blue
Capricorni Alpha orange
Capricorni Beta orange
Capricorni Gamma red
Carinae Alpha green
Carinae Beta blue
Carinae Gamma green
Cassiopeiae Gamma yellow
Cassiopeiae Delta yellow
Cassiopeiae Epsilon red
Cassiopeiae Alpha blue
Cassiopeiae Beta green
Centauri Zeta red
Centauri Epsilon green
Centauri Beta green
Centauri Alpha red
Centauri Gamma green
Centauri Delta yellow  125, 125 Thor
Cephei Beta red
Cephei Alpha green
Cerenkov Alpha blue
Cerenkov Beta orange
Ceti Beta blue
Ceti Gamma blue
Ceti Eta orange
Ceti Delta blue
Ceti Alpha white
Ceti Zeta green
Ceti Epsilon blue
Chamaeleonis Kappa blue
Chamaeleonis Iota green
Chamaeleonis Theta blue
Chamaeleonis Beta orange
Chamaeleonis Gamma green
Chamaeleonis Alpha white
Chamaeleonis Eta blue
Chamaeleonis Epsilon yellow
Chamaeleonis Zeta green
Chandrasekhar Delta orange
Chandrasekhar Alpha red
Chandrasekhar Gamma green
Chandrasekhar Beta white
Chandrasekhar Epsilon orange
Circini Alpha green
Circini Epsilon orange
Circini Zeta orange
Circini Beta blue
Circini Delta orange
Circini Gamma blue
Columbae Gamma green
Columbae Alpha white
Columbae Beta red
Copernicus Gamma red
Copernicus Alpha green
Copernicus Beta yellow
Corvi Epsilon red
Corvi Delta orange
Corvi Gamma green
Corvi Beta green
Corvi Eta red
Corvi Zeta red
Crateris Alpha blue
Crateris Beta yellow
Crateris Epsilon yellow
Crateris Delta yellow
Crateris Eta red
Crateris Gamma white
Crateris Zeta orange
Crateris Theta red
Crucis Delta yellow
Crucis Gamma yellow
Crucis Alpha white
Crucis Beta green
Cygnus Epsilon red
Cygnus Alpha blue
Cygnus Beta green
Cygnus Gamma green  50, 475 Provinaa
Cygnus Delta red
Delphini Alpha red  375, 650 Norn
Delphini Beta green
Deneb Prime orange
Doradus Alpha orange
Doradus Beta orange
Draconis Epsilon white
Draconis Theta yellow
Draconis Gamma white
Draconis Iota yellow
Draconis Alpha blue
Draconis Delta yellow
Draconis Eta red
Draconis Lambda green
Draconis Beta red
Draconis Xi red
Draconis Kappa white
Draconis Zeta orange
Draconis Mu red
Draconis Nu red
Equulei Alpha blue
Equulei Beta blue
Eridani Gamma white
Eridani Beta white
Eridani Alpha yellow
Fomalhaut Prime red
Fornacis Alpha white
Fornacis Eta red
Fornacis Epsilon orange
Fornacis Delta green
Fornacis Zeta orange
Fornacis Beta blue
Fornacis Gamma blue  575, 810 Kimdiss
Geminorum Gamma orange
Geminorum Delta red
Geminorum Beta white
Geminorum Alpha white
Giclas Eta white
Giclas Zeta green
Giclas Gamma yellow
Giclas Delta yellow
Giclas Alpha orange
Giclas Beta yellow
Giclas Epsilon blue
Giclas Theta orange
Gorno Beta orange
Gorno Gamma orange
Gorno Alpha blue
Gorno Delta blue
Gorno Epsilon green
Groombridge Prime white  999, 900 Tober in the Veil
Gruis Beta white
Gruis Alpha white
Gruis Epsilon orange
Gruis Gamma white
Gruis Delta red
Gruis Zeta white
Gruis Eta orange
Herculis Beta blue
Herculis Alpha white
Horologii Gamma red 725, 700 Corlos
Horologii Delta red
Horologii Beta red
Horologii Epsilon red
Horologii Lambda red
Horologii Zeta red
Horologii Alpha yellow
Horologii Kappa red
Horologii Theta red
Horologii Eta red  750, 800 Aath
Horologii Iota red
Hyades Alpha white
Hyades Delta orange
Hyades Beta blue
Hyades Gamma orange
Hyades Epsilon orange
Hyades Zeta yellow
Hyades Lambda green
Hyades Eta yellow
Hyades Iota white
Hyades Theta green
Hyades Kappa green
Hydrae Gamma red  775, 650 Bastion
Hydrae Alpha white
Hydrae Beta orange
Hyginus Beta red
Hyginus Alpha red
Hyperion Prime orange
Illuminati Zeta green
Illuminati Eta orange
Illuminati Epsilon green
Illuminati Theta orange
Illuminati Delta yellow
Illuminati Alpha red
Illuminati Gamma blue
Illuminati Beta orange
Indi Beta blue
Indi Alpha orange
Kepler Beta blue 560, 290 Jamison’s World
Kepler Gamma orange
Kepler Alpha yellow
Klystron Beta red
Klystron Alpha red
Krueger Epsilon orange
Krueger Delta green
Krueger Beta white
Krueger Alpha yellow
Krueger Gamma yellow
Krueger Zeta green
Lacaille Gamma orange
Lacaille Beta yellow
Lacaille Alpha red
Lacertae Beta red
Lacertae Alpha blue
Lalande Alpha blue
Lalande Delta orange
Lalande Beta white
Lalande Gamma orange
Lentilis Beta green
Lentilis Delta orange
Lentilis Alpha blue
Lentilis Gamma orange
Leonis Gamma white
Leonis Beta red
Leonis Alpha green  900, 825 Old Hranga
Leporis Alpha orange
Leporis Beta orange
Leporis Gamma blue
Librae Alpha blue
Librae Beta blue
Librae Gamma orange
Librae Beta green
Librae Eta green
Librae Delta orange
Librae Epsilon white
Librae Gamma blue
Librae Delta blue
Librae Eta blue
Librae Zeta white  775, 900 High Kavalaan
Lipi Epsilon red
Lipi Beta orange
Lipi Alpha green
Lipi Gamma orange
Lipi Delta red
Luyten Gamma red
Luyten Alpha red  425, 160 Arion
Luyten Beta orange
Lyncis Beta orange
Lyncis Eta orange
Lyncis Epsilon yellow
Lyncis Alpha orange
Lyncis Theta red
Lyncis Gamma yellow
Lyncis Zeta red
Lyncis Delta yellow
Lyrae Beta red
Lyrae Alpha red
Maksutov Alpha green
Maksutov Beta red
Menkar Prime orange  475, 975 Shkeen
Mensae Beta red
Mensae Gamma red
Mensae Alpha red
Mersenne Alpha red
Mersenne Beta red
Metis Prime red
Microscopii Prime green
Mira Beta blue
Mira Gamma yellow
Mira Alpha red
Mira Delta orange
Mizar Prime red
Monocerotis Alpha orange
Monocerotis Beta green
Muscae Gamma red
Muscae Beta orange  800, 150 Bitterblooms
Muscae Alpha blue
Muscae Delta red
Muscae Epsilon orange
Muscae Zeta orange
Normae Gamma red
Normae Delta green
Normae Beta white
Normae Alpha blue
Normae Epsilon white  175, 550 Shrakky
Normae Zeta orange
Octantis Beta green
Octantis Alpha green
Olber Alpha blue
Olber Beta blue  25, 225 Croan-Dhenni
Olber Gamma blue
Ophiuchi Alpha red
Ophiuchi Beta red
Ophiuchi Gamma green
Organon Prime green
Orionis Epsilon orange
Orionis Gamma orange
Orionis Delta yellow
Orionis Beta green
Orionis Mu blue
Orionis Zeta yellow
Orionis Alpha green
Orionis Lambda yellow
Orionis Kappa blue
Orionis Theta green
Orionis Eta yellow
Orionis Iota blue
Pavonis Beta orange
Pavonis Alpha green
Pegasi Beta blue
Pegasi Alpha blue  50, 750 Lost Colony: Planetos
Persei Iota green
Persei Epsilon red
Persei Theta green
Persei Alpha blue
Persei Beta white
Persei Eta orange
Persei Gamma red
Persei Zeta orange
Persei Delta white
Phoenicis Gamma blue  875, 425 Thisrock
Phoenicis Beta red
Phoenicis Alpha blue  925, 450 Rhiannon
Pictoris Beta blue
Pictoris Delta green
Pictoris Gamma yellow
Pictoris Alpha green
Piscium Delta green
Piscium Beta orange
Piscium Gamma orange
Pollux Prime white
Procyon Prime orange
Ptolemae Epsilon green
Ptolemae Zeta green
Ptolemae Eta blue
Ptolemae Delta orange
Ptolemae Alpha blue
Ptolemae Beta yellow
Ptolemae Gamma yellow
Puppis Gamma green
Puppis Beta orange
Puppis Alpha orange  810, 310 Slagg
Pyxidis Beta red  900, 510 Prometheus
Pyxidis Alpha blue
Pyxidis Gamma orange
Raynet Beta green
Raynet Alpha green
Raynet Gamma red
Regulus Prime green
Reticuli Delta green
Reticuli Alpha orange
Reticuli Gamma green
Reticuli Beta blue
Rigel Prime orange  210, 210 New Pittsburgh
Sagittae Alpha green
Sagittae Beta red
Sagittae Gamma red
Sagittarii Alpha blue
Sagittarii Beta yellow
Sagittarii Gamma red
Sagittarii Delta blue
Saurus Alpha orange
Saurus Beta red  240, 240 Baldur
Saurus Gamma red
Scorpii Alpha blue
Scorpii Beta white
Scorpii Delta blue
Scorpii Gamma green
Scorpii Zeta blue
Scorpii Epsilon green
Sculptoris Delta orange
Sculptoris Epsilon orange
Sculptoris Alpha blue
Sculptoris Gamma green
Scuti Zeta white
Scuti Delta yellow
Scuti Epsilon white
Scuti Alpha orange  510, 40 Darkdawn
Scuti Beta red
Scuti Gamma green
Serpentis Zeta green
Serpentis Eta green
Serpentis Theta blue
Serpentis Alpha orange
Serpentis Delta orange
Serpentis Beta white
Serpentis Gamma yellow
Serpentis Epsilon red
Serpentis Iota white
Sextantis Epsilon blue
Sextantis Zeta orange
Sextantis Delta green
Sextantis Alpha blue
Sextantis Gamma orange
Sextantis Beta orange
Sirius Prime white
Sol Prime yellow  175, 150 Old Earth
Squidi Alpha green
Squidi Beta orange
Squidi Gamma red
Tauri Epsilon red
Tauri Zeta blue
Tauri Gamma blue
Tauri Alpha green
Tauri Beta white
Tauri Delta white
Telescopii Alpha white
Telescopii Beta orange
Telescopii Gamma blue
Trianguli Beta blue
Trianguli Alpha blue
Trianguli Gamma red 810, 40 Greywater
Tucanae Alpha green
Tucanae Gamma red  425, 550 Suthleim
Tucanae Beta orange
Vega Prime red
Vela Prime yellow
Velorum Beta red
Velorum Alpha blue
Virginis Alpha green
Virginis Beta green
Virginis Gamma red
Virginis Delta white
Vitalis Beta blue
Vitalis Alpha blue
Vitalis Delta red
Vitalis Gamma red
Volantis Eta green
Volantis Zeta blue
Volantis Alpha yellow
Volantis Epsilon green
Volantis Beta white
Volantis Gamma green
Volantis Delta yellow
Vulpeculae Beta green
Vulpeculae Gamma green
Vulpeculae Eta green
Vulpeculae Alpha green
Vulpeculae Delta green
Vulpeculae Zeta green
Vulpeculae Epsilon green
Wolf Alpha red  160, 175 Wellington
Wolf Beta yellow
Zeeman Prime white

4 thoughts on “Newsletter #5 – Campaign Puzzle

    Andrew S. Pascoe said:
    September 20, 2016 at 3:49 am

    God-Slayer Bolt-Action Nailgun.

    Your volleys made using the God-Slayer Bolt-Action Nailgun travel instantaneously any distance.
    When you Volley firing a deity’s first holy symbol filed down into a nail, roll +DEX.
    *10+ If you volleyed at the deity whom the holy symbol belonged to, or an avatar, that deity and every being that worships it is consumed in nether fire, and their ashes are absorbed into the nearest star. No future deity can ever claim this god’s portfolio again.
    *7-9 You deal your damage, +1d20 if it is a deity, an avatar of a deity, or directly serves a deity and damage from this move never heals.
    *On a miss the bolt instantly travels all the way around the world/universe. Defy Danger with DEX:

    *10+ You slip out of the way as the bolt flies back from behind you. Roll +DEX the same as if making the initial volley.
    *7-9 One ally of the crusader’s choice must Defy Danger with DEX (7+) or be annihilated and the cacophony of every descendant they might have propagated can never cease being heard from this spot. On a success, re-roll the initial volley.
    *6- The crusader, and everyone sharing the crusader’s first name, is annihilated instantly and the universe forgets they exist. There is no chance for a Last Breath.


    Anthony Franchini said:
    September 20, 2016 at 4:22 pm

    You have to get close to a god to kill it for sure. Up close, where you can smell the fear and the sweat of a creature that realizes its days of oppressing humanity is over. ROLL+STR.

    16+ All the followers of this deity, or those who bear its mark, explode instantly into a whirlwind of souls wielding reality breaking chainsaws under your command!

    10+ Deal 600 damage to the target if it is divine and gain a level immediately. If the target is not divine in nature, you are marked as a heretic forever. Describe the mark and ROLL+LAST BREATH immediately.

    7-9: You hit, deal 23 damage to the target. If it dies, gain a level immediately. Choose 2:
    A demon lord bursts forth from the wound, fully formed. Name it.
    Divine blood spills on the ground, warping the terrain. Radically alter the terrain around you.
    The bolt hits bone, breaking bone and reality. The GM gains hold 5. They can spend a hold to warp reality as they see fit.
    The kickback knocks you to the ground. Flames burst from the earth all around you. All within 100 ft must ROLL+DEX or suffer 15 fire damage on a failure.
    Your body is sucked into the nailgun and compressed into the next blot. Your soul is left floating nearby and defenseless. You may reroll the attack at a -2 penatly. If you fail, your soul merges with the divine target. It heals 30 hp and you are lost forever.

    6-: Choose four moves from the 7-9 list. They all happen immediately.

    The God-Slayer Bolt-Action Nailgun (GSBAN) has the following weapon tags: awkward, forceful, two-handed, precise, hand, reload.AMMO 1


      Anthony Franchini said:
      September 20, 2016 at 4:23 pm

      * 16+ (and the divine creature is killed automatically)


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