PROCLAMATION – Dawn of a New Age

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With the dawn of a new year, DEFY DANGER reignites into 2017 with an exciting bevy of new content and a new schedule.

Starting now, DEFY DANGER is moving to a weekly format. We will be giving you a steady stream of weekly updates, every Tuesday, in lieu of the old once per month format. We’re sticking with our four topics approach, Proclamation & Spotlight, Puzzle, Rumors, Design Challenge; but will be spreading them out into a smoother feed.

Our intent here is to keep the readers thinking about our message: push the boundaries of tabletop gaming. With that in mind, a reminder to submit a Comment for last month’s Design Challenge and tell us about something totally gross!


This month’s spotlight is really exciting and dear to my heart. There are many influences that contribute to who we are at DEFY DANGER, chief among them a style of gaming made semi-popular a few years back called Fourthcore. We are very pleased to announce that we have negotiated with the original authors and will be hosting all available Fourthcore materials through DriveThruRPG for free! Each Spotlight, we’ll be releasing a wave of related titles. We hope that this will be a welcome public repository for some incredible design work that has certainly inspired us, and will go on to inspire the next generation of tabletop players to push the envelope. We are honored to be guardians and caretakers of some truly great gaming titles.

This month’s Fourthcore release will be four adventures. Though written primarily for 4th Edition D&D, we think you’ll find each and every one ripe to be dissected and repurposed into any dungeon crawling RPG you have.

C1: Crucible of the Gods
An introductory adventure, with some great behind the scenes explanations behind what makes a Fourthcore adventure really tick.

Centuries ago, the four deities worshipped by mortals – Kishar, Kotaresh, Lyth, and Asar-Segt – threatened to drown the world in a flood of saltwater to punish the living for their impiety.

The oracles and witches of the realm struck a desperate bargain with the gods, however, and convinced them to spare the world. In exchange, the mortal kingdoms were bound to demonstrate their faith once every generation by sending their most courageous and adroit warriors to the Crucible, a ziggurat in the lowest valley of the land.

Every quarter-century, on the first full moon of summer, an eclipse darkens the night and the sealed ziggurat opens. Many traps, tricks, and guardians lie within the Crucible to test those who enter. Few who heed the challenge of the gods survive – most find only quick death.

If the races of the world are deserving of the gods’ affection, their champions will overcome the trials of the Crucible and light the Divine Brazier hidden in its uppermost chamber.

If they are not, the flickering candle of civilization will be snuffed. Little of value will have been lost.


M1: Gallery of the Hate Blossom 
Repurposed by DEFY DANGER to a 5E one-shot here!

A half-marilith, half-medusa druidess lich known as the Hate Blossom lairs in this dungeon, having been run out of mortal society and shunned by demonkind. She possesses the petrified-yet-still-living body of Melenkir, the first human arch-mage and the single creature to remember a ritual that may save the realm from an extraplanar threat. Only slaying Hate Blossom or convincing her to lift the curse will revive Melenkir.


SND-01: Revenge of the Iron Lich

The very first Fourthcore product, and the only one with co-author Jerry LaNeave!

In times ancient, an infamous paladin-artificer named Khaldun unearthed a cursed tome bound in the flesh of the first medusa. Driven to madness by its secrets, he used the necromantic magic contained within to call forth an army of dread warriors from the Netherworld.

Though his assault was devastating, he was ultimately unsuccessful, and the mightiest crusaders of the realm banished Khaldun to the Netherworld, where he would rot for eternity at the bottom of the River Dis.

Unfortunately, rather than perishing in that bleak plane, Khaldun escaped his silt grave and thrived, amassing a legion of undead followers and erecting a Tomb in which he could perfect his mechanical craft without interruption. It was not long before he shed his body and became a demilich.

After several centuries of scheming, the undead warriors under the command of the ‘Iron Lich’ have burst free of the Netherworld, laying waste to not only the mortal kingdoms that exiled him, but also the exalted domains of the gods themselves.

The crusaders’ quest is simple – stead the Tomb and destroy the Iron Lich.


SND-02: Fane of the Heresiarch

The source of C. Steven Ross’ Star Wars conversion, Fane of the Sith Lords!

None know from where the Heresiarch first came, but all remember the night that it did.

It rode down from the bleeding stars on a great serpent, hurling bolts of obsidian lightning that shattered the monuments and capitols of every nation. Its infernal army swept aside the defenses of the mortal empires in a single hour, decimating legions once thought to be the invincible fist of humanity’s god-kings.

Faceless priests – each bearing the symbol of the trident – drifted through the fallen cities and scorched villages on a frigid wind, and when they rose to greet the huddled men and women ringed by their festering, bloated dead, they spoke a single, simple offer: worship the Heresiarch or die.

Thousands of crusaders fell tonight so that you might be given this chance.

In a last stand that, for the first time, united all of the empires of humanity as brothers and sisters, a way was cleared into an infernal stronghold said to contain a gate to the Heresiarch’s fane.

All is silent save for the clangor of distant battle. Surrounded by grim-faced knights and teary-eyed peasants – their hands clasped in desperate hope – you step through the glowing, churning doorway, knowing there will be no help and likely no return.

2 thoughts on “PROCLAMATION – Dawn of a New Age

    The Killer GM said:
    December 26, 2016 at 9:01 pm

    Fantastic. Fourthcore’s always a treat to run and I always love breaking it out when someone says that 4th Edition’s too easy or flavorless.


    Andrew S. Pascoe said:
    January 7, 2017 at 9:56 pm

    Awesome! Revenge of the Iron Lich is one of my favorite d&d adventures ever, and I had a great time adapting it for my AD&D 2nd Edition game.


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