Proclamation – Winter’s Cold Embrace

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The rolling chill of winter is a prime chance for us all to seize the longer hours of night and experience glorious moments of tabletop gaming excellence. Snowed in, iced in, or just too damned cold; this dark time of year is begging for you to roll out your own inner darkness in the form of roleplaying adventures. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by – no one is going to be lured outside to enjoy the weather, so make plans now to enjoy these months as best you can, rolling dice with friends.

Lastly, make sure to turn on the nostalgia faucet and let the memories gush out in this month’s Design Challenge. Tell us about your most harrowing DEFY DANGER moment, either with the adventures from our Fourthcore catalog, or some other devious deathtrap dungeon experience.



Continuing from last month, we’re proud to show off the second half of Fourthcore titles that Defy Danger is now shepherding. This next batch moves away from adventures per se, and more into the nuts and bolts of Fourthcore design.

An ensemble cast of contributors, these free products are each great resources for any game master or tabletop game designer seeking a DEFY DANGER aesthetic.

Fourthcore Armory

FOURTHCORE ARMORY is a supplement designed to offer Dungeon Masters and players new options and rewards suitable for their fourthcore adventures. Items in this book share the following traits:
Dramatic. Many of the items in the ARMORY have overly-dramatic secondary effects, such as moving the sun and moon, sending whispers through time, or destroying entire worlds.
Narrative. Items in the ARMORY often have abilities that give the dungeoneers narrative boons, such as the ability to steal the body of a monster or instantly raise a valley of crops.
Powerful. Though compatible with items such as those found in the ADVENTURER’S VAULT, treasure in the ARMORY is intentionally more powerful, prominent, and complex.

Fourthcore Alphabet

The inspiration to the popular Edge of the Empire Alphabet!

FOURTHCORE ALPHABET is a reference for D&D Dungeon Masters who are building and running dark, deadly dungeons.
Each chapter of FOURTHCORE ALPHABET spotlights a different element of fourthcore dungeon design, beginning with a short essay that describes how the element fits into the fourthcore aesthetic. These essays are followed by a table with which you can generate hundreds of examples using only your twentysided die.
The primary purpose of this book is to stand alongside C1: Crucible of the Gods as a primer on fourthcore design. All of the elements featured in this book are quintessential to fourthcore adventures, and much of the material overlaps so that you might come away with a clear and comprehensive understanding of the genre.
While this book references the 4TH EDITION rules, every effort has been made to present the material in a way that makes it easily adaptable to other systems. DMs running gothic deathtrap dungeons in games like OSRIC or WRATH will find much to use in the following pages.

The Fortune Teller’s Guide to Deathtrap Dungeon Design

This free ebook is written for and by GMs like you who are designing tournament deathtrap dungeons for any fantasy adventure RPG.
Each entry in this ebook spotlights one of the 22 cards in the legendary Deck of Many Things, with each card representing one of the fundamental types of challenges crusaders might face in a lethal tournament delve.
This ebook is intended to be an inspirational tool and quick reference guide you can flip through as you’re plotting your dungeon’s encounters. This ebook can be read over the course of your lunch hour, and you don’t need a physical Deck of Many Things to use the advice presented. However, a printable Deck of Many Things has been provided.
A deathtrap dungeon is an adventure that focuses exclusively on the players’ struggle against lethal challenges laid down by the dungeon’s designer. Deathtrap dungeons embrace a board or video game-like experience where the PCs are the players’ disposable game pieces with which they fight monsters, dodge traps, and solve puzzles in the game world.
A tournament dungeon is a deathtrap dungeon adventure run competitively at a convention like GenCon or PAX. Each group of competitors plays through the dungeon, trying to earn as many points as possible for their team before the time limit elapses. At the end of the tournament, the teams with the highest scores go home with prizes.

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