Design Challenge – Cold Front

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Riding on the wave of excitement surrounding the release of the Fourthcore line of products, we presented a nostalgic challenge to share with us your most cherished memories from that era of gaming.

Andrew Pascoe wrote to us this month, saying:

There’s actually two moments I’d really like to share from my d&d group’s delve into the Revenge of the Iron Lich, one moment in-game, and one moment that’s more “meta.” Emotions were especially high because I dared to run this adventure with our characters that had been gaining experience and power over the past three years.

Our crusaders were investigating room E (Crypts of Iron), investigating the sarcophagi. I had switched up some of the rumors that appear in that adventure, and one of the new ones they were following was, “The secret to eternal life lies within the sarcophagi.” Eventually, they opened the north-eastern most sarcophagi discovering it glowed with this violet power. Our party wizard (a wild mage) decided to jump in and learn the truth. The wizard steps into the sarcophagus, the lid closes, and the room flashes with power as necromantic runes blazed over the surface. I demanded silence from everyone at the table, and then turned to the wizard’s player, asking only, “What would you like your phylactery to be?” Everyone roared in excitement and horror, and he declared that his magical crown he’d poured all of his wealth into manufacturing would become his new lich’s phylactery.

The second was later in the same adventure, I can’t remember exactly where we were like I can with the sarcophagi, but I know it was near the end. I think the party was preparing to ascend the spectral staircase for the final confrontation, and just before, two of the players’ girlfriends both barge in through our front door (We were living in a college dorm at the time). I was extremely frustrated, because I knew they were going to waste a bunch of time and annihilate everybody’s suspension of disbelief. However, before I could even say anything, one of the boyfriends at our table said, “NOW IS NOT THE TIME” and pointed them out the door, since our party only had 45 minutes in real time before they would be destroyed. I consider this my greatest personal victory as a Dungeon Master, and I now use the real timer in almost every adventure.

If you haven’t experienced this gem yet, do yourself a favor, get Revenge of the Iron Lich for free, convert it to whatever RPG you like, and take it for one hell of a ride.


This Month’s Challenge – Cold Front

The theme this month surrounds the cold winter months this time of year (at least in the northern hemisphere). Though the weather is unpleasant, we can go so much worse.

We want to hear about a crazed design of your own atmospheric hazards. Tell us about the most dangerous, insane weather conditions from the most hellish landscapes. Post your description here in the Commenst and the most brutal description will get sent a cool skull sticker in the mail along with the glory of triumph. #putaskullonit



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