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A Reliable Rumor has led the dungeoneers into the dangerous ruins of a once great Dwarven Fortress. Inside, they seek fabulous material wealth and a game-changing magical artifact – the Genesis Tablets of Primordial Stone. These are said to be hidden in the fortress’ treasury vault, accessible only when the 400 lb golem stands before the entrance.

Be sure to convey this information clearly before the player characters enter the room.



  • You enter a vast underground chamber of carved stone. Expertly smoothed hematite floors pave the way.
  • Obsidian pumps and aqueducts bring in a constant flow of roiling lava from a churning lake of fire below. The room is lit in a brilliant, bright glow.
  • The heat and stale air are sweltering and oppressive. Sweat pools off your body in rivulets.
  • A massive bronze pressure plate is embedded in the floor in front of the a massive, 10-foot tall door made of solid lead.
  • The door has no handle or visible hinges, but above the door is a row of four glittering cat’s eye chrysoberyl gems embedded in a plate of shining gold.
  • The door is embossed with the image of a large, mechanical golem. It is making a plaintive gesture.
  • There is a massive iron lever set into the wall adjacent to the door.
  • There are a a pair of small indestructible mithril cauldrons on the floor nearby. One has a trio of jade chips embedded around the lip of the cauldron, the other a group of five glittering black tourmaline gemstones. All work is of the highest craftmanship.


  • When filled with magma, the small mithril cauldrons weigh 300 lbs (jade) and 500 lbs (tourmaline).
  • If the lever is pulled and there is not exactly 400 lb placed on the pressure plate, a hideous trap is triggered. Upon the second time this happens, the vault is filled with magma and sealed forever.


  • Fill the tourmaline cauldron with magma.
  • Empty the tourmaline cauldron into the jade cauldron, leaving about 200 lb of magma left in the tourmaline cauldron.
  • Empty the jade cauldron.
  • Fill the jade cauldron with the 200 lb of lava leftover from the tourmaline cauldron.
  • Fill the tourmaline cauldron with fresh magma.
  • Fill the remaining space (about 100 lb) in the jade cauldron from the tourmaline cauldron, leaving 400 lb of magma in the tourmaline cauldron.

EXPERT CHALLENGE: The dungoeneers must find a missing orthoclase cog in order for the lava pumps to work again. The cog is a puzzle item hidden somewhere else in the dungeon.

MASTER CHALLENGE: The oppressive heat and sulfurous fumes of the area means that this is a timed puzzle and must be completed in 5 minutes of real-time.


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