Tower of the Ascendants

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Greetings, dungeoneers!

Today we have a very special treat. Go check out these two videos of Dr. Davy Jones (of Dungeon Oracle fame) laying down the dice and showing people how it’s done! These clips are from our yearly spring retreat, from an adventure we call TOWER OF THE ASCENDANTS: HELL MODE

You, the last descendants of the fallen Ancients, stand broken and bloody at the foot of the primeval Tower. Now, you must ascend its seven levels. Reach the highest chamber, slay the immortal Triumvirate that dwells there, and reclaim your lost godhood.
Or die with the rest of humanity.
A four-hour Dungeon World blitz. Four players enter the Tower at a time, but the audience is a living part of the dungeon, waiting to jump in the game when a crusader dies. The wait will not be long.

Part 1
Part 2

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