E1M1: Seat of the Dhakaani Hegemon (5TDM)

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Deep in their stronghold, the an empire of Tiamat-Worshipping Hobgoblins rules a vast empire of subjugated lesser races. Their most unholy artifact, the Crown of Tesh-Naga, affords them the ability to dominate creature too weak to resist. Seize the Crown, and their power will be yours.

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1-Page Rules

King of the Hill
Points are only scored by a team with the crown in their possession at the end of the round. Player deaths do not grant points on this map and are only used to break ties.

If you start your turn dead, dying or begin your first turn of the encounter; then you may regain all hit points and hit die, remove all failed death saves and conditions, refresh any abilities as if you had taken a short rest, and teleport to a random respawn square (1,2).

If the destination teleport square is occupied, that creature dies.

If you were dying, you die before Respawning.

Killing Spree
If you reduce 2 or more enemies with at least 1 hit point each to 0 hit points or fewer on a single turn, gain one of the following:
– Take another Action (as per the Fighter’s Action Surge Class Feature)
– Regain all Ki-points, Bardic Inspiration, and Rages
– Regain your lowest level expended spell slot

A creature rolling a natural 1 on an attack roll or saving throw is knocked prone immediately after the attack roll or saving throw is resolved. Tiamat then lashes out at their incompetence, and they take 10 damage (fire, cold, acid, poison and lightning) from the pillars bearing her likeness.

A swirling ritual vortex fills the vaulted dome in the center of the map. The dome is supported by five pillars carved in the likeness of dragons. Every player death on this map will cause 1 random pillar to weaken, threatening the collapse of the dome above. After five deaths, the dome collapses releasing Tiamat’s Hoard of priceless gemstones, coins and jewelry onto anyone below.

Players under the dome when it collapses will take 50 bludgeoning & piercing damage (DC 12 DEX save for half damage).

The area covered by the Hoard (yellow squares) counts as difficult terrain.

Aspects of Tiamat
If you are under the dome (yellow squares) at the start your turn, suffer 10 elemental damage (fire, cold, acid, poison, and lightning).

A shattered pillar deals no damage, and is effectively off the map until restored (see above).

If you’re wearing the Crown, you are corrupted by Tiamat’s Infinite Greed and have disadvantage on all saves.

Crown of Tesh-Naga
The crown is located on a raised altar in the center of the map, on a 15ft high pedestal that is covered with the slick bones and blood of the Dhakaani’s enemies (DC 15 Strength/Athletics to climb). Players may enter its square and claim it as a part of their move action. It grants the possessing team 1 victory point ON THE DM’S TURN (at the end of the round before anyone acts) plus one more at the end of the match. The bearer may also add 5 elemental (choice of fire, cold, acid, poison or lightning) damage to any weapon attack they make, and may use a bonus action to do the following:

  • Enslave: Targets any creature you can see. They make a DC 12 CHA save or takes 15 psychic damage and gains the Charmed condition (cannot attack the charmer or target them with harmful abilities/effects), and also grants advantage to enemy attacks until the start of the charmer’s next turn. The attacker may also force the target to immediately move up to the target’s full speed. Half damage but no other effects on a successful save.

The crown can only be moved off of its pedestal by the dungeoneer who bears it (i.e. not by any magical or non-magical means while unattended). Only PCs may claim the crown (not companions or familiars).

If you become unconscious or incapacitated, you lose possession of the crown immediately and it teleports to the central pedestal.



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