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DDE Adventures is proud to announce the release of Crown of Charon!


The adventure has been formatted to be compatible with both 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons and 13th Age and is available for purchase at DriveThruRPG here and here.

Since the time when the gods first created mortal life, Charon, the infernal boatman, has ferried the dead across the River Styx and into the world beyond. In exchange, he has collected an eternity’s worth of tolls, from the simple copper coins of peasants to the mythic and mystical relics wielded by those who shaped the land of the living.

It is these treasures that you seek to claim.

Crown of Charon is a multi-session deathtrap dungeon crawling adventure on an epic scale, designed to transition a group of PCs from the mortal realm and ascend into godhood. Uncover the divine domains of death itself, unravel maddening puzzles, and unleash the superior firepower of world-destroying magic items on the most hideous monsters of all time!

Hasted Conjoined Balor Demilich? check
Demon-wrought black hole cannon? check
Orbital strike Mass Drain spell? check
Ascended Bodak Scylla Cyberdemon Necromancer? check

Look’s like we have it all. Go download this, you doughnut!

If you’re looking for a little sneak peek into the adventure, go ahead and check out our previous previews to get a taste of what’s in store:

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2 thoughts on “CROWN of CHARON

    Austin Hoffman said:
    May 24, 2017 at 3:12 pm

    Awesome! But.. where do we buy it?


      ddeadventures responded:
      May 24, 2017 at 3:16 pm

      Links provided in the paragraph right below the demon skull pic.


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