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La Conquete d’Aegon

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Friend of the blog and Parisian gentleman Emmanuel Bizieau has reproduced Aegon’s Conquest MegaGame in his native tongue. Go get it free!


Aegon’s Conquest – Harrisburg, PA

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The glory of conquest continues with a rampage of global domination!

Matthew Caylor and his crew put together what looks to be an epic showdown in central Pennsylvania, coincidentally the same weekend as when Defy Danger did our run of Aegon’s Conquest in Silver Spring.

Pic, or it didn’t happen, right? Well go check out the action below with a taste of the photos they were able to put together. Smiles all around!

Defy Danger fans – hold onto your butts in February when we’ll have even more photos of Aegon’s Conquest in action, and then the highly anticipated start to the 5th Edition Team Deathmatch Online Tournament of Champions!

Aegon’s Conquest – Silver Spring

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DEFY DANGER teamed up with local theater group Flying V to run Aegon’s Conquest MegaGame this weekend in Silver Spring, MD. The show was a great success with a tight win awarded to the iron islanders of House Hoare. Check out a few of the photos below!

If you’re anywhere near Toronto on February 2nd, come out and experience this amazing game yourself here!

Aegon’s Conquest – photos from China

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We received an exciting set of photos from Nathan Paul in Beijing, China who has recently ran a very successful session of Aegon’s Conquest MegaGame! Congratulations to the two winning teams, Houses Stark and Gardener! One could say the winners were a song of ice & fire!

Aegon’s Conquest – Toronto

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Greetings from the Iron Throne!

Grab three friends and join us in Toronto, Canada on Saturday February 2nd for an epic game of backstabbing, warfare, & adventure – AEGON’S CONQUEST!

Tickets can be picked up here!

The setting is the Age of Conquest, three centuries before the events in Game of Thrones. Westeros stands as a fractured continent, with seven warring kingdoms jostling each other for power and dominance. The time is now ripe to conquer the barbarians of Westeros and unite them under your banner. Claim victory in this continent-spanning war and forge the Iron Throne!

Free rules download can be found here!

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