Published Adventures

200069-thumb140.jpgFourthcore Design Guides: Fourthcore Armory, Fourthcore Alphabet, The Fortune Teller’s Guide to Deathtrap Dungeon Design

A collection of free system-neutral design guides that are an invaluable aid to any dungeon master devising their own deathtrap dungeon crawl, previously published under SVD Press!

200065-thumb140Fourthcore Adventures: Revenge of the Iron Lich, Crucible of the Gods, Fane of the Heresiarch, Gallery of the Hate Blossom

A collection of free deathtrap dungeon crawling adventures previously published under SVD Press!

serpent-tower-001-copy-2-copyThe Eternal Serpent Tower
A one-shot delve for Dungeon World, this delve is a tightly packed injection of serpent-themed dungeon crawling ready to bite off your face and poison your children in their sleep.
Stories are told of the snake-headed woman and her prison, The Eternal Serpent Tower. At night, her children swarm across the lands feeding on succulent mammal-flesh. Will you brave the unknown horrors and claim her prize, the fabled Amulet of the Serpent?

image CRUSH the REBELLION + printed cards
A fast-paced roleplaying game with a heavy focus on dystopian world-building where players take the role of competing agents struggling to fulfill their own personal agendas in a hostile, bureaucratic nightmare futuristic fantasy universe.

Fortress of the Ur-Mage (5E)
It is said that the gods tasked Death with keeping the secrets of magic locked behind his Black Gates. And so the fallen races remained blind to the ways of magic, until one man challenged and defeated Death in a battle of wits. In victory he claimed Death’s wand and became the first mortal to perceive the mysteries of the black art, only to be driven mad by the revelations. These half-remembered legends tell too of his sundering of the world and his construction of a dread fortress. The Ur-Mage opens the doors of his fortress once each decade, allowing the heroes and demigods of the realm to enter. Legend has it that a great prize waits within the fortress, the Wand of Death itself, and a crusader bearing the wand could command the dead, shatter the planes, and slay gods.
Today, the games begin. Today, the gates open. Fortress of the Ur-Mage features a competitive head-to-head mode, where multiple parties delve the dungeon at the same time. Competing bands of crusaders can hinder each other by stealing relics, laying traps, freeing monsters, and manipulating the dungeon environment itself.

LCTN Illustration 1The Lost Crown of Tesh-Naga
A mid-level adventure for the Torchbearer gaming system. Disrupt the entrenched power dynamics in a splinter group Hobgoblin clan and recover a lost relic that bears the spirit of conquest bound by a generation of failed crusaders.

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