Defy Danger and DDE Adventures pledge to bring you adventures that are ready to run for your group. Each adventure gets tailored to fit specific gaming systems, with the recognition that some content works better in one set of rules over another. The spirit of DDE lives in these adventures and we hope to push our own limits of writing and customizing content to capture the best and most fun aspects of these system. If it’s been done before, that’s boring, and the one thing we do not allow is boring. There are no canned, safe adventures like the ones made by the big publishers that are guaranteed to give you a bland, safe, mediocre experience.

In addition to adventures, here is what you can expect from Defy Danger on the 13th of each and every month;

  • a proclamation of tips, tricks, guidelines, and answered questions to help you elevate the games that you run
  • a fiendishly devised puzzle to both tease your brain and give you a quick, go-to challenge for your next tabletop RPG session
  • a design challenge granting you the chance to test your game designer mettle against the greater DEFY DANGER community.
  • a collection of three evocative rumors to plant the seeds of your next over-the-top expedition

You do not want to miss out on any of these exciting, ground-breaking new developments. Sign up today on the right to follow the blog via email!

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